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Welcome to the online home of the Indiana County Democratic Committee (ICDC). We are a committed group working for progressive change and supporting Democratic candidates, nationally, statewide, and locally in Indiana County, Pennsylvania.

Message From: Indiana County Democratic Executive Committee

Indiana County and Southwest Caucus Chair: Ron Fairman

Treasurer: Peter Broad

Secretary: Angie DonGiovanni

PA Democratic Committee: Vera Bonnet and Jack Hanna

Regional Representatives:

Cal Cecconi

Kevin Freeberg

Tina Gromley

    The Indiana County Democratic Executive Committee would like to express our sincere gratitude to all the volunteers that contributed their time and talents during the past election cycle. Thank you to those of you who canvassed and manned the phone banks. Thank you to those that worked tirelessly for our Democratic candidates, especially the young people from our schools and university. Thank you to all the committee members and others who watched the polls on election day. To their credit, the election went smoothly with only a few minor problems that were dealt with quickly and efficiently.

    The committee would like to commend our local candidates, Adam Sedlock, Tony DeLoreta and Patrick Edwards for their inspiring efforts. It takes much courage and fortitude to run against long entrenched incumbents.

    Although we were not successful at the national and local levels, we can take consolation in our clean sweep of the state row offices. We are sure that these officials will help our governor in his efforts to bring positive change to our state in the face of the opposition controlled General Assembly.

     As we consider the ramifications of this election, we will not despair. Now is the time to think, consider, and plan for action. The midterm elections are less than two years away, and we must be ready. We will be counting on all of you again.

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