Indiana County Democratic Committee
P.O. Box 315
Indiana, PA 15701

Ron Fairman, Chair,


Treasurer: Peter Broad
Secretary: Angi DonGiovanni
State Committee Man: Jack Hanna
State Committee Woman: Vera Bonnet

Area Leader, Magisterial District 2/1:  Kevin Freeberg
Area Leader, Magisterial District 3/1 North:  Tina Gromley
Area Leader, Magisterial District 3/2:  Cal Cecconi
Area Leader, Magisterial District 3/3 South:



Becoming a Democratic Committee Man / Woman

Each of the 69 precincts in Indiana County has a Committee Man and Woman position. The positions are four year terms coinciding with the election of the governor. Vacant positions are filled by appointment. If you are interested in serving a position open in your precinct, contact the Indiana County Democratic Committee.

The committeeperson is an important link between the Democratic Party, the candidates, and their community. You are the “grass roots” – distributing resources on candidates and issues, encouraging voter turnout, and ensuring a reliable election process. Democrats have the registration edge in Indiana but are less likely than Republicans to vote. If Committee people – and us as their neighbors – get the infrequent Democratic voters out, WE WIN! Let’s make it happen!